Logistics is method. And our method is based on the customer being the priority: they always come first. That’s why we are particularly attentive to their needs, time frames, and expectations. We know how to be part of their company and we aim to always have efficient and effective contact: not only when there are problems to solve, but also when things are going well… to help them go even better!


Control of our service

You never stop improving. Controlling quality, reliability, and results is crucial for enhancing logistic services. That’s why we periodically analyze our KPIs, providing detailed reports that are updated on an accessible online platform. If necessary, we establish customized KPIs based on the type of commodity and logistics activities.

But we do not stop at these numbers alone. We also use customer satisfaction audits and statistics as other instruments and activities for control and improvement.



We constantly invest in security at Columbus Logistics. And this is the only way to act: both because it is prescribed in the regulations and certifications we conform to (Law 81/2008, the GDP, SQAS certification, CSV, OHSAS 18001 certification, SA 8000, AEO, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485), and because it has become a prerequisite for being competitive.

Over the years and with appropriate adjustments, we have transformed security into a strategic asset for customer benefits: making the performance of services more efficient and stable.



Flexible and at your service: this is how we see technology at Columbus. A set of services that allow you to have what you need under control, when you need it, and in the most easy and straightforward way possible.

Our willingness to innovate has resulted in solutions that improve outcomes, streamline processes and activities, and minimize the risk of errors and anomalies. We have also enhanced the fluidity and transparency of information flows in favor of greater visibility and ease of exchanging information.

Each logistics project is an opportunity to evolve.