KPI values

Timeliness of incoming goods

99.95% of products received before noon on day A are taken care of during day A.

Timeliness of outgoing goods

99.6% of orders received by noon on day A are processed during day A.

Preparation accuracy

99.75% of orders prepared do not contain errors of any kind: wrong quantity or type of goods, packaging, or inadequate documentation.

Number of Errors

Our error index is 1.5 X 1000. Every day we work toward continuous performance improvement and the consequent reduction of discrepancies.

Lead time

Warehouse lead times range from 2 to 24 hours. We analyze and optimize processes, storage systems, and tools to reduce the lead time.

Transportation Performance

We monitor the transportation service for: timely delivery, collection, accuracy, damage, claims, cost, average volume carried, monthly destinations, etc.

Inventory shrinkage

The misalignment is normally below 5%, in many cases below 1%. We see to realignment between accounting and physical stock, so that there are no differences. The goal is to minimize the time to develop and reduce errors in accounting stock.


Our service includes periodical statistics for all monitored functions: from warehouse flows and processes to transportation. We extrapolate data from our management software and relate them so as to synthesize phenomena, trends, or configurations that can be used for evaluations and modifications. These statistics are a tool that increase our performance’s transparency and visibility. At the same time, they form the basis for developing business intelligence activities. In fact, the customer has up-to-date information based on evidence for making business decisions.

Customer Satisfaction Audit

Customer satisfaction can be seen in their smile. But besides this valuable human index, at Columbus Logistics we organize an audit for the quality of our services every two years. The audit consists of a questionnaire with ten questions and is conveniently filled out online. The leading certification body in the world, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), uses its inspectors to verify the compliance with this audit and its proper conduct.