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Our goal is to simplify a complicated process: we want to communicate and share information transparently.

About Us

We have been active in the logistics sector since 1988. With three specialized divisions, over 180 professionals, 72,000 square meters of warehouses, and an evolved know-how.


Columbus Advice

We offer a section full of great advice, for improving the quality of logistics and always staying current.

The benefits of choosing Columbus Logistics

There are four main benefits that have consistently kept us competitive and are certainties our customers can always rely on.

Work method

We adapt our model to the customer's needs, which is why we maintain constant interaction with them; it is the best way to achieve results and earn trust.

Technology in all areas

We promote the use of technology in all activities, at all levels with the goal of simplifying, facilitating, speeding up, and optimizing processes.

Storage and data safety

More than an obligation, we see it as a working resource to invest in. This is made in Columbus security: safer merchandise, safer business.

Service control

We always keep our promises. We like to be judged based on results and measured based on our KPI... Feel free to check yourself.

From the Blog

Green Logistics: Columbus Group is the first carbon Italian neutral 3PL

We are proud to announce that the Columbus Group has become a Carbon Neutral entity for purposes 1 and 2, as of January 31st, 2023. This achievement was made possible through our exceptional focus on reducing the environmental impact generated by all our processes, as well as purchasing carbon credits from certified Verra compensation projects. … Continued

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We want to offer our customers superior logistics expertise, understanding their real needs and investing in technology and human resources.

- Mission -

Our customers

We work with small, medium and large sized companies, including international enterprises. We build relationships that last and make business grow.

Research and Development

We are attentive and open to innovation, especially in the IT realm, in order to improve performance and assure the results you expect.


Environmentally friendly

We demonstrate our interest in sustainable development through concrete actions: respectful business decisions that become everyday practices.



We believe in quality: we operate according to the most competitive and rigid industry standards, and our certifications prove this.