The main feature we guarantee with our warehouses is maximum flexibility.

A “tailored suit” that you can accessorize with areas devoted to offices and production. Everything is organized so that you can maintain control with the exchange of updated information, remotely or via a simple phone call.

We offer the right mix of automation (radiofrequency, WMS reading, track & trace) and human intervention to quickly resolve any problems.

We constantly optimize storage capacity and management, with the knowledge that even the smallest improvement increases your performance.



Fast, accurate, personalized: this is how we see handling in the warehouse. Speed ​​and accuracy are in line with the KPI established along with the customer, while customization is studied based on the type of product and business needs: the goal is to speed up all operations by reducing errors, anomalies, and discrepancies.

Whether “in” or “out”, handling is managed by computer systems that communicate in real time, with the appropriate machines, by hand or programmed via computer.

This is how we develop our main activities.



Timeliness, accuracy, control… with our transport your logistics are accelerated.

We have been enrolled in the “National Association of Hauliers” (Albo Nazionale degli Autotrasportatori) since 1995, and our specialist team is led by a manager with extensive experience in the shipping industry.

We have created a network by choosing the best carriers and correspondents to give you the best service in terms of time and cost.

Each operator is connected through our computer system and all transport is monitored. Doing so, we become your only partner and are able to guarantee correct and timely deliveries at the best price.


Complementary services

A good logistics service does not stop at logistics; this is how we see it here at Columbus.

And this is what drives us to study and provide new features that complement and enhance our activities.

We are very receptive to innovations, good practices, and market trends that can become a competitive advantage and increase service value. Every year we provide resources and staff to improve operations for customers and share experiences and success stories.

Our ambition is to become a credible and efficient partner in all areas.