Dedicated customer service

Our customer service is fully and exclusively dedicated to the customer. This means that when you call Columbus, you won’t be passed around between operators. At Columbus you will always speak with the same person, who knows the specifics of your business and will give you a decisive answer. Thanks to our low turnover rate, our "customer angels" accumulate in-depth and articulate knowledge of your company, resulting in responsiveness, speed, and precision. It is impossible to catch us off guard.  
  • single and stable contact person
  • vertical expertise
  • proactive approach

Columbus Advice

You never stop learning. That's why we have provided a section on our website with useful tips and good examples. With Columbus Advice, you can access up-to-date knowledge that is truly useful, drawing from our experience and our attention to the solutions provided by the sector: lots of ideas for improving the management of your goods.  
  • useful tips
  • periodic updating
  • success stories

Business Intelligence

Take advantage of data and transparency to make strategic decisions. Columbus collects information related to your logistics business, and analyzes and compares it on a larger scale, deriving patterns and determinants from it. You will be updated regularly with easily interpreted reports and you can use these results to optimize decisions, solve problems, assess or predict the future, or simulate scenarios with different event probabilities. It is a work in progress that takes advantage of the most sophisticated software and a very efficient IT infrastructure.  
  • periodic reports
  • updating meetings
  • IT infrastructure and ad hoc software


Training to work more efficiently. When you decide to trust Columbus with your logistics activities, you can be sure that we will train your staff to operate at its best, making use of all the collaboration’s synergies. We guarantee training that covers a targeted approach, the definition of processes, the application of procedures, but also the knowledge and correct use of shared software. Before long, your team will be perfectly trained and 100% operational. They will work with our team as a perfectly synchronized mechanism.  
  • customized training
  • workshops

ABC and slow moving analyses

To measure the goods’ performances, we offer two types of analyses extracted from our WMS: ABC and slow moving. With ABC analysis, we subdivide the items into three categories in order to assess their impact, defining the critical codes to focus on. With slow moving analysis, we highlight the slow-moving item of stock which is likely to affect your income statements. Two analyses that allow you to make wise choices about eliminating products or specific correction activities.  
  • ABC analysis
  • slow moving analysis

On request

Packaging design

We have particular expertise in packaging design and offer maximum customization. We research the packaging that is best suited to your goods and the type of shipment, also selecting the best supplier. We can also create packaging according to specific needs, including materials other than cardboard. The goal is to optimize space and cost but additionally provide reliable protection that is also accident-proof.  
  • analysis, design, creation
  • supplier selection

Trade Fairs

What better opportunity to communicate and make new contacts? Trade fairs are one of the B2B channels with the greatest impact and effectiveness. Thanks to our Columbus Promo division, we provide a service dedicated to those attending a fair. Having participated in the most important trade fairs around the world, we know how to create that extra appeal that makes the difference. We prepare the materials and set up your stand; and when the fair is over, we pack up and restore the structures.  
  • procurement of materials
  • transportation, assembly
  • return


Our logistics expertise is at your disposal. We thoroughly know and understand the subject from operating in various sectors, and we are able to offer targeted advice. We always start by analyzing the situation and the problem, then agreeing on a plan of action to change processes, procedures, and functions through a series of meetings. We can also suggest technical improvements and the adoption of new technologies. Furthermore, we can study and apply improvement programs according to the principles of Lean Management.  
  • situation analysis
  • regular meetings
  • improvement program

Online order placement

We offer customers software for warehouse management and order processing: a useful tool that is immediately operational for those who want to replace an obsolete program that no longer efficiently supports their business. It can also be used for those who want to improve performance but do not have enough resources and expertise to personally update their own software. Our shared management platform is available in a convenient and secure cloud environment.  

Connect Center

An integrated system that circulates information, making it available to you and your customers. It gives you immediate, constant feedback on the position of shipped goods, and you can share this with all interested persons in real time via email, text, fax, or by connecting different information systems. Connect Center is a unique tool offered by Columbus that ensures maximum ease of use and customization of each function.  

China consulting

China is the market of the present and the future. We know it well, because our Columbus Promo division has had commercial relationships and partnerships with leading Chinese suppliers for years. So if China is an attractive target in your business strategy, as a consumer market and/or supply market, we are a credible and well-connected adviser/contact.  


We are always up to something. Our specialized Columbus Promo division has tons of promotional and merchandising ideas that have been researched and developed for companies that want to communicate through objects. We travel the world to find the latest novelties, unusual gadgets, and quality suppliers. We design and manage entire catalogs and guarantee the maximum possible customization.  


Logistics for B2C e-commerce requires strong specialization. The vastness of the assortment, large numbers of orders, and purchasing speeds that characterize online sales are reflected in the expectations of fast, accurate, convenient and pleasant delivery services pleasing for those who buy. This is a result that Columbus Logistics assures with the perfect integration of our web-based platform and the warehouse’s physical management. This allows us to manage the e-commerce logistics cycle (from procurement to shipment/cancellation of orders, from delivery to the final customer to returns management) in a fast, accurate, flexible way.