Special shipments

Every shipment is special here at Columbus, but some more than others. That's why we are equipped and ready for any kind of shipment. Thanks to our specialized team and the choice of carrier and the most suitable vehicles, you can send dangerous goods (ADR) in complete safety, as well as goods that require temperature-control, and organize dedicated trucks for large quantities, saving time and money. We use vehicles equipped with satellite tracking for more effective surveillance of goods with higher values. Last but not least, we offer express shipping solutions for collection and delivery within 24/48 hours, throughout Italy.
  • dangerous goods (ADR)
  • controlled temperature
  • transport with tail lift
  • mass retail deliveries, to private persons, to a specified floor
  • medical deliveries

Transportation services

To make our transportation even more efficient, reliable, and easy. We firstly remove the burden of administrative and customs formalities: our team knows what is required and quickly prepares the necessary documentation. Our online connect communication system allows the shipment to be tracked all the way to its destination, collecting and sharing detailed information and providing notification of the outcome. We provide a useful double check service for picking lists, both when we load and when we deliver, to eliminate errors and discrepancies. And if you need pick-up and delivery between one collection point and another, no problem... we can do that too. In addition, we also manage returns: we organize transportation for pallet retrieval, leftover inventory, unsold products, or those that need repairing. We also operate in reverse logistics to make procedures simple, fast, and safe, trying to get you the return’s maximum possible value.  
  • preparing administrative/customs documentation
  • double checking picking lists
  • track-trace, delivery notifications
  • direct delivery (drop shipping)
  • reverse logistics