Receipt of materials

We are accurate: while receiving goods we perform various inspections. visual inspections to check exterior integrity, anomalies, damage; physical checks to ascertain the accuracy and matching of quantities and codes, and report concealed discrepancies. If necessary, we open the packages to examine a sample and perform a technical assessment of the products. The goods are readily positioned in the warehouse according to the criteria established to facilitate subsequent operations. We monitor input times... and we respect them.  
  • visual inspection of goods
  • physical inspection of goods
  • monitoring of input times

Order fulfillment

Order fulfillment is quick and precise. We seek maximum integration between our informative systems and the customer’s. Our platform collects orders from customers by importing their file and scheduling pickup, through a simple custom interface. We work to meet less and less restrictive cut-offs, and we are ready to handle urgent orders. Before shipping, we double check everything to verify the correctness of the material sampled and reduce errors.  
  • systems integration (SAP, AS400, Microsoft Dynamics, Teamsystem, AdHoc Enterprise, Syrio, Mago.Net, Line Automation, BPCS, EDIComm)
  • agreed schedule
  • double check before shipping


We guarantee extreme customization. You can leave everything to us and won’t have to think about it any longer. We take care of creating layouts and graphics, choosing materials, finding the best solution, optimizing transport packaging, and obtaining better estimates from suppliers. We have an internal workshop to create robust and protective packaging. We are organized to provide complete service, including trained staff. We manage packaging and customized printing supplies, taking care of procurement and inventory.  
  • packaging kit
  • labeling
  • blister packaging
  • display creation
  • ad hoc solutions
  • comprehensive management
  • traditional and special packaging
  • packaging for sale
  • additional labeling


Disposal of unsold or unmarketable goods requires special attention; in fact, it is strictly regulated and the regulations vary based on the type of goods. Any procedural error creates economic sanctions as well as damage to our good reputation. We have chosen external partners, duly licensed and certified, that we have worked with for years for all necessary operations in this regard: communication with competent bodies, filing of destruction reports, transport documents. Those who rely on us won’t have to worry about it.  
  • unmarketable goods
  • unsold goods

Goods management

We offer perfect operations that run with the punctuality and precision of a Swiss watch. This fluidity arises from the synchronization of specific factors: staff’s skills, space optimization, IT infrastructure connection, and accuracy of WMS/WCS. Our Connect Center platform provides information on the flow of goods, allowing full traceability. We manage all types of finished products (not fresh), thanks to the experience gained in a variety of sectors: mechanical spare parts, medicine, design, wrapped confectionery, textile, stationery.  
  • deadline management (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO)
  • visual inspection of returned goods
  • Connect Center platform
  • possibility of batch recall
  • production lines restock

In-house logistics

Do you want to improve your logistics efficiency and save at the same time? The solution that we offer is in-house logistics; in practice, it is in-house outsourcing: we manage your warehouses with a dedicated and specialized team with the right experience to operate and coordinate with your departments. LEARN MORE  
  • full tax and legal advice
  • management of human resources
  • engineering of development plans