Modern, functional, compliant with standards. Our warehouses are ready to receive, store, and manage goods, even with heavy shelving systems, to make better use of storage space (with wire-guided vehicles and LIFO). Equipped with the necessary functions, they offer the highest level of operability, flexibility, and safety.
  • class A warehouses
  • truck-level loading bay
  • street-level loading bay
  • hooks and block and tackle (where required)
  • trilateral, reach and order picker forklifts
  • lofts for small parts
  • ADR storage
  • controlled temperature (8500 square meters: 5°-25°C/ 2°-8 °C)

Physical security

We know how important it is to protect the integrity of the goods you entrust to us. For this reason we have equipped the warehouses with updated multilevel security systems. We have surveillance and anti-intrusion systems and means for preventing and extinguishing fires. In addition, we have provided special areas for high-value products, as well as isolated areas with regulatory approval for the conservation of counter samples.  
  • alarms and CCTV cameras
  • linked with security 24h
  • 24h guardians
  • fire prevention system, smoke detection
  • isolated areas for counter samples

Administrative security

To minimize inventory errors and inconsistencies, we at Columbus pay particular attention to the definition of procedures and processes. We study, monitor, and refine them. We are constantly looking for the best practices that will ensure the highest standards of reliability, efficiency, repeatability. All this is made possible thanks to up-to-date operator training and a lean corporate culture.  
  • staff training
  • quality system certifications
  • continuously monitored processes
  • cyclic custom tallies and inventories
  • respect of KPIs
  • refund for errors
  • change management
  • computer system validation (CSV)


The insurance of goods is mandatory. If not insured by the customer, we take care to propose the best solution according to the goods’ communicated value. We rely on leading national and international insurance companies that study tailored policies to cover risks: from theft to natural disasters, to accidental breakage. We make sure to periodically check if the value of the stored goods is congruent with the insured value.  
  • tailored risk coverage
  • competitive policies
  • periodic monitoring of the correspondence with insured values

Facility/Energy Manager

Our Facility/Energy Managers take care of non-core functions that allow logistics activities to run perfectly. They maintain facilities’ maximum efficiency and complies with regulations. They are responsible for the resolution of problems in the areas of analysis, control and operational management of warehouses, technical services, accessories, general and energy optimization. They provide support and perform various but integrated tasks that facilitate the flow of work processes and the achievement of the individual customer’s performance.  
  • professional dedicated to customer stock
  • strategic facility management
  • regulation compliance planning
  • drafting of operational procedures
  • inspection, control, monitoring
  • optimizing energy consumption


Goods are stored according to the techniques that are best suited to specific business needs. To maintain optimum management, we apply operational methods and best practices that ensure continuity of service, savings, and results. Every day we learn something new by working with customers and studying the subject. We want to experiment and change, clearly for the better.  
  • contingency plan
  • business continuity
  • ABC logic
  • cyclical stock count
  • reverse logistics