More specifically, security has practical applications in three areas: transportation, storage, and data.


  • we only select verified carriers and correspondents that follow high operating standards, are regular and exhibit behaviors that go beyond just being correct
  • on request, we use carriers with satellite vehicle tracking


  • we introduced the latest generation of anti-robbery and anti-theft systems, connected to surveillance companies 24 hours a day
  • we have control and surveillance systems with CCTV and security guards
  • we have dedicated areas for high-value products (e.g. products...)
  • we have automatic smoke detection and fire suppression systems, connected to surveillance companies
  • we have an internal team ready to intervene in case of an emergency, 24 hours a day
  • we perform logistical backups across branches
  • we insure both warehouses and goods


  • we perform automatic daily backups of stored data and software
  • we have consolidated and periodically tested Disaster Recovery policies
  • we fully virtualize servers
  • we have redundant power supply units, uninterruptible power supplies, and storage
  • we guarantee privacy and data protection, we use up-to-date firewalls and antivirus programs