Our technology allows you to do the following:
  • real-time information sharing
  • sending shipping notifications and copies of "Documento di trasporto" (transportation documentation) to recipients
  • tracking and tracing service
  • online order entry service
  • consultation of real-time balances through web services
  • ability to create custom web services

Columbus Connect

Our goal is to simplify a complicated process by sharing information in a transparent, fast, targeted way. In doing so we ensure that this information is available to the right people at the right time. Columbus Connect is a program that is constantly evolving and works to the advantage of the four parties involved in the logistics process through a variety of instruments.


We want to create value and increase our internal expertise with events, intranet, training/talent development, social networks (Google+, Facebook, Linkedin), workshops, and newsletters.


We want to create value for you with business intelligence activities, convivial and educational events, newsletters, joint improvement programs, and innovative projects.

The clients of our clients

We want to create value with the Columbus Connect Center: the Web Portal for purchases (Promo), an increasingly accurate Customer Service.


We want to create value through effective IT connections, joint training programs, joint improvement programs, and ethics policies.