“Green Logistics: From Words to Action.” The conference on sustainable logistics organized by Columbus Logistics and LIUC is a real success

On October 18, the conference “Green Logistics: From Words to Action” took place at LIUC Cattaneo University in Castellanza, organized by the Green Transition Hub of the University and Columbus.

The event, which proved to be a true success with over 500 participants, highlighted the importance and urgency of intervening to make logistics more sustainable.

To explain how to transition from words to actions, significant companies such as Chef Express, Coca-Cola, Goodman, Grifal, IKEA, Lucart, CPR, NolPal, P&G, Toyota, and World Capital participated, providing direct insights into their respective actions supporting increasingly green logistics.

The clear message from the day is the need to create a supply chain ecosystem where logistics is a key process and where all stakeholders commit cohesively to implementing solutions and processes aimed at reducing their environmental impact.

“There is no silver bullet, meaning a single solution to solve the problem with one shot, but it is necessary to act on four fronts: packaging, warehouses, transportation, and supply chain organization,” says Professor Dallari, Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at LIUC.

Columbus, which has been collaborating with LIUC since 2016 to promote logistic culture in the area and has always been committed to 360° sustainability, is proud to have contributed with the Green Transition Hub to stimulate the audience on possible solutions that can make logistics more green. These solutions, as reiterated throughout the day, make sense only if shared across the entire supply chain.

Columbus CEO Stefano Bianconi expressed satisfaction, emphasizing the importance of “teamwork” in the fight against climate change. “At Columbus, we commit to implementing sustainable solutions in our logistic operations and motivating our stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, and competitors, to join us in this effort. We are convinced that partnership is the key to a greener future, and we will continue to collaborate to translate these important goals into reality.”

Bianconi added, “Columbus is now the first operator to become Carbon Neutral in Italy, but we hope not to remain the only one for long.”