Columbus Logistics and Liuc University Cattaneo work together to create value

A new year has begun, and here at Columbus Logistics we have news. Today we’d like to tell you about the conference entitled “In-house logistics outsourcing: risks and opportunities“, which will be held on February 24, 2016 at the C-log (Logistics Research Center of the LIUC Cattaneo University of Castellanza).

Often, a company relies on the expertise of an operator in the industry to bring about innovation and increase the performance of logistics processes. However, many companies still find it hard to choose logistics outsourcing, as well as considering the possibility of having the service provider operate within their company.

The meeting on February 24 was held with the intention of deepening knowledge about this “in-house outsourcing” opportunity, and is part of a larger collaborative project between the Liuc University and Columbus, who share the goals of bringing value to logistics processes and creating culture.

Through the testimonies of logistic managers and the involvement of industry experts, we will offer the decision maker audience an accurate overview of in-house logistics outsourcing, showing how it is possible to achieve optimal results through joint work with a logistics operator inside the company.

In addition to panels by Bausch&Lomb, Bticino, Candy, Lindt, and Watts Industries, a discussion will be held about the legal and contractual aspects related to human resource management in customer-supplier relationships.

The conference will be the first event of an innovative course of study and updates arranged in four sessions from March to June 2016, called: LIUC & Columbus Logistics Workshops.

The initiative is intended for logistic managers interested in learning innovative methods through successful experiences, by interacting with speakers from academic and business backgrounds.

For us at Columbus, this is the accomplishment of our ambition to be promoters of logistics culture, with the hope that our efforts can contribute to different companies.