The joy of Christmas: Columbus supports UILDM

For several years, Columbus has supported the non-profit association UILDM Monza, one of the sections of U.I.L.D.M. (Italian Union for the Fight against Muscular Dystrophy).

In addition to promoting scientific research in the field of neuromuscular diseases, volunteers at UILDM Monza have a goal that is, if possible, even more valuable. It is the creation and development of a relationship between people, whether they are affected by dystrophy or not, by becoming promoters of a genuine solidarity that brings value.

At Columbus we particularly appreciate this mindset, because we are deeply convinced of the importance of social initiatives. For this reason, during Christmas, a small, colorful, and cheerful Christmas decorations market is set up in our offices by the UILDM Monza Laboratory of Ideas, the proceeds of which go to this charity.

You can’t imagine how many employees have purchased these decorations, which possess a twofold beauty. In short, proposing a cause is simple, but participation requires a common spirit that is present in Columbus, much to our delight.

Isn’t this the spirit of Christmas?